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The export situation of our electromagnetic de-ironing separators is gratifying very much.

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  1. The project, which for CITY CEMENT PLANT CEMENT who comes from Saudi Arabia, we undertaken in 2015, the self-unloading oil cooling electromagnetism Separators(2 sets) for Tyre Chip System work well till today.

  2.The project, which for KARABIGA 2x660MW power plant in Turkey, we undertaken in 2016, Coal Handling System electromagnetic belt de-ironing separators (9 sets) had been delivered in 2016, we finished debug in Nov.2017 and the devices started to work in Dec.2017.

  Our technicians debug products in the KARABIGA 2x660MW power plant in Turkey.
  3.The project, which for Monywa Letpadaung Mine in Burma, we undertaken in 2017, the disc-type de-ironing separators (2 sets) had been delivered, debugged and the devices were operated in the same year.

  4.The project, which for 2×330MWCFB coal-fired power plant in Pakistan, we undertaken in 2017, Belt type electromagnetic de-ironing separators (4 sets) and disc-type de-ironing separators (6 sets) had been delivered at the end of 2017, and our technicians will go there to debug the devices and provide after-sale services.



  2、Tyre Chip System               轮胎碎片工程

  3、自卸油冷式电磁除铁器:Self-unloading oil cooling electromagnetism Separator

  4、输煤系统:Coal Handling System

  5、KARABIGA:                   卡拉比格,电站名

  6、蒙育瓦莱比塘矿:             矿名

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